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本文主要为您介绍关于庄子山的作文范文,内容包括写一个关于onethingimproudof的作文,写一篇题为“”的作文,关于SchoolCleaningDay的作文。One Thing Im Proud ofI still remember how I became a good table tenn


One Thing I'm Proud of

I still remember how I became a good table tennis player.

The first day I went to high school, I saw some of my classmates playing table tennis. Amazed at how skillful they were, I was determined to be just as good. Later on, I often watched them carefully to learn their techniques. Then I kept practicing until I became confident enough to challenge the good players. At the end of the term I became one of the best players in my class.

I am really proud of this experience, because it helps me realize that we all can fulfill our potential and achieve our goals through hard work. It also helps me better understand the proverb "Practice makes perfect.”

2.写一篇题为“Introduce a person who you admire”的作文


the person i admaire most is my mother. i admire her for she is the one who gave me life and who loves me from the very beginning of my life. she is the one who cares most of me and who educate me ever since i was born.

i 've heard a song before. it says that there is no other love that like a mother's to her child.

so i think mothers should be admired by everyone in the world and is definetely the one who should be most admired.


3.关于 School Cleaning Day 的作文

Today is school cleaning day.I get to school early.I am cleaning the desks.Mary is cleaning the window.Amy is cleaning the window.Mike is cleaning the board.We are busy in cleaning class room.

Look!Miss White is coming.''Hi,Miss White!"We say."Wow!It is nice and clean!Good job!"She says.Oh,what a happy day!


4.Being Polite的作文

polite is a necessary part for a well-educated person,and with the development of the modern society ,it is required by the public for example a polite people will get others like and how to be a polite people? the first you must speack polite and you can't narrow-minded , the second when the others talk to you you

must listen to him(her) carefully and the last is that you can't fright and quarrel with others 把这些话组织在一起 就是一片文章了

5.写一篇关于My last summer holiday的作文

关于My last summer holiday的作文

1、MY holiday

I was busy enough!

First,I had to do my homework ,It took me 3 days.But I didn't compare it because I learned a lot of things in my home work.And this holiday I was very excited.BecauseI went to Beijing !I saw zhe nest and Water meter!It's so cool and beautful!I was really took pride in Beijing ,I thought Beijing is a grand city.

I love Beijing !I love the Olypic Games!I love China!




2、My summer holiday

I have two months summer holiday.I am very busy.I have no free.I think my summer holiday is very free ,but to my surprise,my holiday is very busy.My father everyday have many homework to me.In the morning,I must get up at 7:00.After I have to do homework for 7:30 to 12:00.In the noon,I can sleep 30 minutes,and then I wake up.I must do homework for 1:30 to 4:00.In the evening,I am very happy,because I have no homework to do.I can sleep for a long time.Every day I am very busy and tired.How I look for happy and free!




I am so glad to receive your letter and know that you going to pay a visit in China,specially in Yunnan Province.As a native,I'd like to tell you that the best time for visiting Yunnan Province should be in April or May,and the best place to visit is Xishuangbanna.Because of the fine weather,you may travel by long-journey bus.And you can experience the native life and taste the local delicious food.I think it will offer you a quite different taste of traveling.Everything is so unique there,the people,the custom,the animal ,the plant and the climate there in Yuannan Province. Hope this letter helpful to your journey in China.



7.In the park的作文

In the park

Today I am going to the park with my classmates.I am going fishing.And I see many people there are having a good time.I am also enjoying myself.I am swimming in the pool of the park.Some of my classmates are eating food and talking about the weather.Others are going skateboarding.We are all having a good time.

8.关于损友益友的事例 作文




9.关于《My daily routine》的作文

My Daily Routine

I have the same routine from Monday to Friday. I usually get up at five fifty. Then I have breakfast. At six thirty, I go to school. I don't ride a bike. I go to school on foot. I have five lessons in the morning. I do morning exercises with my classmates after the second lesson. At eleven thirty, I go home for lunch. In the afternoon, I have three lessons. After class, we often have sports in the playground. At five, I go home. After supper, I do my homework. At about ten, I go to bed. I am happy every day.

10.关于The disadvantage of the internet的作文

My Concepts on InternetInternet may have been one of the most influential but disputable existences in the world, ever since its first appearance in the late 1960s. Internet has accelerated the world's development with an incredible speed; nevertheless, it has brought this world many burdens. Nowadays, nobody can imagine what the world will be without this double-edged sword.In my opinion, the most prominent contribution Internet has made to the world is, to offer every one of us such a convenient access to the vast outside information-based society. With appropriate use of Internet, the distances between people of different nations and countries are shortened. As long as you have a computer with network, you can easily get all kinds of information you need or the latest news from Internet, moreover, you can contact private friends or business companions all at your disposal via Internet. A coin has its two sides, and Internet is no exception to a coin. While bringing the world great convenience, Internet also gives out many negative effects, such as some porn websites, addiction in online games and so on. Especially the young people, with less self-restraint, if misled, will be likely to indulge themselves in the harmful parts of Internet. As a result, many of them lost their interests in study and eventually become, in a manner, uneducated people. Such examples are not rare in reports. Given the above arguments, I honestly hope we can make good and full use of Internet, this marvelous fruitful creation of mankind. Although it's a double-edged sword, with correct selection and decision, Internet has contributed a lot to the whole society and it will go on in this way.